• About Representative Hayes

    Rep. Hayes is also a Snohomish county sheriff, past president of WACOPS, representing 4,500 law officers, and a U.S. Navy veteran. Dave and Lisa Hayes have lived on Camano Island 17 years, coaching youth sports and leading youth missions in Mexico and New Orleans. They have two children and one grandchild.

    Dave Hayes is Making a Difference
  • Representative Hayes supports quality education

    Dave supports quality education and wants local control for our schools that empowers parents and teachers, allowing local educators the flexibility to innovate and provide a quality 21st Century education our children require.

    Dave Hayes is Making a Difference
  • Representative Hayes passes school safety legislation

    Using his law enforcement background Dave Hayes broke through partisan gridlock, and passed vital public safety legislation that protects our children and schools, holding those who commit crimes accountable.

    Dave Hayes is Making a Difference
  • Representative Hayes instrumental in job creation

    Creating a climate that will add and secure jobs for our families, Dave is a leader on the bipartisan Community Economic Revitalization Board and instrumental in the creation of thousands of jobs and needed infrastructure through partnerships with communities and businesses.

    Dave Hayes is Making a Difference
  • Representative Hayes honored for safety efforts

    Dave was named 2013 Legislator of the Year for the House Republican Caucus by the WA. Council of Police & Sheriffs (WACOPS).  As an assistant ranking member of the House Public Safety Committee, Dave was honored for his work to help law enforcement officers in their efforts to protect and serve the public.

    Dave Hayes is Making a Difference
  • Representative Hayes champions better transportation

    Having raised a family in the 10th District, Dave understand the importance of making sure our transportation needs are met and maintained.  Dave will continue to work with local communities and both parties in Olympia to expand cost effective transportation options and speed completion of needed traffic projects.

    Dave Hayes is Making a Difference

Dear 10th District Citizen,

When I was in high school, I did some bull and bronc riding.  Some days in Olympia those memories return as I work to reign in well meaning folks and special interests who want to move your tax dollars away from our basic priorities:  a quality education, cost effective traffic projects; aid to our most vulnerable citizens, and public safety.

In representing you I will continue to apply these principles:  Government cannot spend what we don't have, or look for more money from overtaxed citizens; Government must account for every dollar spent, and must foster, not discourage, a climate where good jobs are created and our citizens prosper.  I will vote on the merits of an issue, not on the basis of party; and, I want your input.

Thank you,

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Representative Dave Hayes

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